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Radiation Laboratory
last update, 17-Oct-2006
Location  Room 254/256, in the Main Research Building at RIKEN, Wako
Address  Radiation Lab, RIKEN, 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama, Japan
Telephone  +81-48-467-9347
Fax +81-48-462-4641

Two new snake magnets in AGS improved the proton polarization in RHIC, to above 60%..

Welcome to our home page.  The Radiation Laboratory is one of the eldest research group in RIKEN. From 1st of April 06, we become a member of Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science, which is newly established in RIKEN to unify all the scientific activities using heavy-ions and proton accelerators, domestic and abroad.  The major activity of Radiation Laboratory is to perform an experiment using high-energy polarized-proton collisions and heavy-ion collisions at BNL-RHIC, USA. We are also performing ion source developments and novel detector developments. We recently inherited activities on neutron optics and super conducting tunnel junction detectors from Image Information Research Unit in RIKEN.

Seminar Schedule

Our Activities
Spin Physics at BNL
Spin Physics at Wako
Mesons in Nucleus
  How the spin of proton is formed with 3 quarks and gluons? This is a very fundament question in QCD, Quantum Chromodynamic. The RHIC Spin Project has been established to solve this problem by colliding two polarized protons for the first time in history.
  Collisions of polarized protons are measured with the PHENIX detector at RHIC. Research program is organized in PHENIX Spin Physics Working Group
  Collaboration with accelerator group, theorists,  and other RHIC experiments is the key for the success of the program. The RBRC experimental group is conducting RSC, Rhic Spin Collaboration.

  Analysis of the PHENIX data is performed at CCJ with over 500 CPUs with 1 peta-byte storage. This CPU farm is combined with new RIKEN super computer cluster, and  serves as the major analysis center for PHENIX.

Asymmetry of neutral pion production, sensitive to gluon's spin direction

  Theory group in Radiation Laboratory is to study theoretical aspects of physics at RHIC. The group is conducted by K. Yazaki, keeping close relation to the theoretical group in RBRC
   Asymmetry Analysis Collaboration is compiling and modeling the world-wide data of the nucleon structure functions; 

Recent RHIC data largely limits the range of gluon polarization in proton.
  While RHIC creates nuclear matter with high temperature, study of dense nuclear matter is being performed at KEK using 12GeV Proton Cyclotron, by measuring the decays of vector mesons in nucleus.

Evidence of phi meson modification at normal nuclear density.

 Heavy Ion Physics at BNL
PHENIX Detector Upgrade 
Laser Ion Source
Neutrons, optics and detection
  At RHIC QGP, Quark Gluon Plasma, should be created by colliding two gold nuclei, through which we can study the state of early Universe just after the Big Bang. Our recent discoveries are summarized in Nucl. Phys. A757: 184-283, 2005 which announces "formation of a new state of dense matter.". 

Displaying thousands of particles created after a collision. 

  To enhance physics capability of PHENIX even further, PHENIX Detector Upgrade R&D is on going through the collaboration with BNL instrumentation division, CERN-ALICE and CERN-NA60.

Checking pixel detectors

  Laser induced plasma ion source has been developed, which ejects the world highest intensity of carbon and aluminum beam.  This method is so compact and can be useful for cancer therapy.

RFQ used for the ion source

  By combining novel methods for neutron optics with super conducting tunnel-junction detector, we aim to perform precise measurements for neutron decays. Applications go also to neutron interference and neutron scattering.

Sextupole magnet to focus cold  neutron

Members (April 2006)
bold names are recent additions

Old member list(2005)
Old member list(2004)
Old member list(2003)
People Left from Radiation Lab.

Radiation Laboratory 

Name Other 
Activity @
Chief Scientist Hideto Enyo RBRC PHENIX,CCJ,KEK W
Vice Chief Scientist Takashi Ichihara RBRC,Motobayashi-Lab PHENIX,CCJ,RIB W

Yasuyuki Akiba RBRC PHENIX B
Scientist Yasushi Watanabe RBRC PHENIX,CCJ,RIB W

Atsushi Taketani RBRC PHENIX W

Yoshie Ohtake Shimuzu Unit Neutron Optics W

Masanori Okamura


Itaru Nakagawa RBRC PHENIX B

Hiromi Sato
Collaborating Scientist Naohito Saito Kyoto-U, RBRC PHENIX

Kazuyoshi Kurita Rikkyo-U,RBRC PHENIX

Takeo Kawasaki Niigata-U ALICE

Kiyoshi Tanida Kyoto-U PHENIX

Hisayuki Torii Hiroshima-U PHENIX

Takuma Horaguchi CNS PHENIX
Special Postdoctoral Fellow Megumi Naruki
KEK-E325 W

Junkichi Asai

Yoshinori Fukao

Kenji Mishima
Neutron/STJ W

Masashi Ohno
Neutron/STJ W
Contract Researcher Satoshi Yokkaichi RBRC PHENIX,CCJ W

Ryotaro Muto
KEK-E325 W

Tsuguchika Tabaru
KEK-E325 W

Souichiro Kametani

Yoshiyuki Onuki

Hiromi Okada

Takahiro Morishima
Neutron/STJ W

Katsuya Hirota JNOP Neutron/STJ W

Kazuaki Ikeda JNOP Neutron/STJ W

Ryo Ichimiya

Maki Kurosawa
Entrustee Hiroyuki Kano
Senior Visiting Scientist Ken Imai Kyoto-U PHENIX

ToshiAki Shibata TITech PHENIX

Hirohiko Shimizu KEK Netron/STJ
Students Fuminori Sakuma Kyoto-U,SPT KEK-E325 W

Manabu Togawa Kyoto-U, JSPS,RBRC PHENIX B

Kazuya Aoki Kyoto-U,JRA PHENIX B

Junpei Takano T.I.Tech, JRA BNL-CAD B

Kohei Fujiwara Niigata-U, JRA, CERN ALICE/PHENIX W

Yuji Tuchimoto Hiroshima-U, JRA,RBRC PHENIX B

Fukutaro Kajiwara U-Tokyo-CNS,JRA,RBRC PHENIX B

Kohei Syoji Kyoto-U,JRA PHENIX B

Ken'ichi Nakano T.I.Tech,JRA,RBRC PHENIX W

Hiroki Kanou T.I.Tech,SPT PHENIX W

Kazuhiko Sakakibara T.I.Tech,SPT NIRS W

Taku Ito T.I.Tech,SPT NIRS W

Koichi Sakashita T.I.Tech,SPT PHENIX W

Takashi Kanesue Kyusyu-U,Trainee NIRS B

Jun Tamura T.I.Tech,Trainee NIRS B

Yoshichika Seki Kyoto-U, JRA Netron

TadaAki Isobe CNS-U-Tokyo, JRA PHENIX B

Name Other Affiliation @
Senior Visiting Researcher Koichi Yazaki T.W.U W
Contract Researcher Hiroyuki Kawamura

Marco Stratman starting in August W
Students Koichi Hashimoto Kanazawa-U. B

Noriko Kiyama

Michiko Muroi

Hitomi Kanehama
RIKEN-BNL Research Center

Name Other 
Center Director Nick Samios BNL B
Director Emeritus T.D. Lee Columbia U. B
Associate Director Hideto Enyo Radiation Lab W

Name Other 
Group Leader Hideto En'yo RIKEN
Deputy Group Leader Gerry Bunce BNL
RHIC Fellow Matthias G. Perdekamp U-Illiois

Douglas E. Fields New Mexico U.

Abhay L. Deshpande SUNY

David Kawall Yale
Fellow Kensuke Okada

Xie Wei
Research Associate Patricia Liebing
RIKEN Special Postdoctoral Fellow Nobuyuki Kamihara

Visiting Scientist Kazu Kurita Rikkyo -U

Naohito Saito Kyoto-U

Hiroyoshi Hiejima U-Illiois
Collaborating Scientist Akio Ogawa BNL

Zheng Li BNL

Alexander Bazilevsky BNL
RBRC Young Researcher Dominik Gabbert Technische Universitaet Muenchen

Theory ( Japanese )
Other Non-Japanese members can be find here

Name Other 
Group Leader L. Mclerran BNL
Deputy Group Leader Anthony Baltz BNL
RHIC Physics Fellow Taku Izubuchi Kanazawa-U

Shin'ya Aoki Tsukuba-U
Fellow Shoichi Sasaki U-Tokyo
Research Associate Takeshi Yamazaki
RIKEN Special Postdoctoral Fellow Yoshitaka Hatta

Takumi Doi

Kenji Fukushima

Masakiyo Kitazawa

Yoshimasa Hidaka
Visiting Scientist Shigemi Ohta KEK

Administration, Secretary
Office at RBRC Ryosuke Maruyama

Rae Greenberg

Pam Esposito

Taeko Itoh

Jane Lysik
Office at Wako Hiroshi Miyamoto

Karen Sakuma