RIKEN Video Comference System

ISDN Video Conference System at RIKEN

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  There are 12 ISDN video Conference systems in RIKEN. The specifications
are as follows.


    NEC TC-5000EX (or AD50EX in Japanease name) 

Acceptable Protocols

   ITU-T H.320
         H.261 (Video coding)
         G.711/G.722 (Voice)  [N.B. G.728 is not implemented yet.]

   Line Connections

     ISDN(ISN64)  2B+D  (2*64kbps or 2*56kbps mode is available)

Dial number

 RIKEN Wako Campus                               ISDN Number(2B+D)

  (1) Radiation lab.(RHIC/SPIN Project Base )   +81-48-460-1329
  (2) Nishina Memorial Hall, Cyclotron Lab.     +81-48-460-1330
  (3) Main Research Building, 2F Room 223       +81-48-460-1312
  (4) Jimu Building 2F, 2nd Meeting Room        +81-48-460-1326
  (5) Biology Buligng 3F,  Room 310             +81-48-460-1327
  (6) Biology Buligng 1F Suzuki Umetaro Hall    +81-48-460-1328
  (7) Laser Research Bulding, 1F Hall           +81-48-460-1332

 RIKEN other campus

  (8) RIKEN Tsukuba Cmapus, Life Science        +81-298-39-1127
  (9) RIKEN Tsukuba Cmapus, Life Science        +81-298-39-1128
  (10) RIKEN Sendai Photo Dinamics Center       +81-22-305-1027
  (11) RIKEN Nagoya                             +81-52-659-1453
  (12) RIKEN Spring8                            +81-7915-9-8005

 12-port MCU at RIKEN Wako

Some collabrating lab.

 Department of Physics, Kyoto Univ. (NEC AD-20EX) +81-75-705-1031
                                  (Voice phone room: 075-753-3847)

How to connect to BNL (in Japansese)

Other ISDN Video Conference system on HEP/NP sites Other Video Conference system available at RIKEN Accelerator Research Facility

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