ASCHRA(E2) : A large scattering chamber

A large scattering chamber, whose name is coming from Assorted Scattering CHamber at Riken Accelerator research facility and it sounds the name of one of the Buddha's disciples who has many faces and hands.

Following figure shows schematic drawings of the ASCHRA. Three target positions are available inside to meet various demands in experiments; three movable detector arms are controlled independently at each target posi. tion. There is a small side chamber to extend the flight path near the scattering angle of 90 degrees. The maximum flight lengths are 3 m at forward angles and 2.5 m at 9O degrees. As is shown in the figure, a large FIrish-grid type ioniza-tion chamber is installed as a DE-E counter telescope for charge indentification. A PPAC and a CPD will be used as a time pick off deteetor for a time-of-flight tele. scope. A 4-pi counter for measurement of light particles and gamma rays' will also be installed in this scattering chamber.

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