E4: Spectrograph Smart

The beam swinger consists of two dipoles and a quadrupole doublet. A quadrupole septet(Twister) in front of the swinger is used in a dispersive-matching mode to twist the beam into the direction parallel to the medium plane of the swinger dipoles since the beam is horizontally dispersed after the 90-degree bending magnet of the beam line upstream. A schematic overview of this system is shown in the following figure.

Detailed Drawings (A4 size, 300dpi, gif files)

The magnetic spectrometer is of QQDQD type. it has two focal planes, one of which is after the first dipole magnet, and the other after the second dipole magnet. The first three elements QQD, which provide the first focal plane, works as from spectrometer with P/delta P =4000 and solid angles = 20 msr. The first quadrupole magnet is split-type so that it is possible to realize large acceptance and small angle measurement (including 0-degree).

The second focal plane is used when high resolution (P/delta p= 12000) is required with a medium solid angle of 10msr. I the case, the last two elements QE magnify a part of the image produced at the first focal plane.

A neutron TOF facility is also available on the line of A1 and Q2 through D1 along the south wall of the vault. The flight path will reach about 80 m in future. (20 m now available).

Characteristics of the spectrograph SMART

                      First focal plane(F1)    Second focal Plane(F2)
Magnetic elements             QQD                  QQDQD
First order resolving power   4000                 12000
Momentum byte                 1.41                 1.04
Momentum dispersion           3.4 m                7.7 m
Vertical apeture              200 mr               200 mr
Horizontal aperture           100 mr                50 mr
Mean orbit radius             2.4 m                2.4 m
Maxmum magnetic field         1.5 T                1.5 T
Typical Angular resolution   5-25 mr		    3 mr
Size of the focal plane    120cm(H) x 40cm(V)    50cm(H)x10cm(V)
First order transport data (Preliminary)

Beam Transport System sample date (From Acc. exit to smart f2 detector)