E7: Condensed matter physics (Large Omega/Slow)

Document under preparation


Nuclear Spectroscopy with Lasers A schematic diagram for collinear laser spectroscopy of radioactive isotopes separated with the GARIS/IGISOL is shown on the right. The velocity distribution of ion beams from the IGISOL is found to be good enough to make collinear laser spectroscopy; the FWHM of a resonance line should be 200 MHz or even better fbr atoms with A > 100. Currently, on-line experiments are made in the vaults E1 and E6. Off-line experiments on radioactive speeies are carried out as well as online experiments.

Falling Ball Irradiation Apparatus ( E3)

This irradiation apparatus transports targets irradiated with heavy ions rapidly and safely to a hot laboratory that stands downstairs of the E3 vault. A target foil is mounted in a "falling ball" as shown in the figure. Several balls are set at the sarne time in the standby holder tube connected to the irradiation chamber. Techniques have been developed to make use of a large variety of radioactive nuclides produced by heavy-ion irradiation as mutitracers. Carrier-free and salt-free mutitracer solutions are ready to be applied to various types of experiments: for instance, a model experiment on the mechanism of removal of metal elements from the ocean.

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