The proposal is expected to provide information 
          in the order listed below. 

1. Research goals of the experiment. 

   Describe the experiment to be performed, giving details 

(a) measurement to be made 
(b) method of making the measurements 
(c) extraction of quantities of physical interest
(d) required resolution in energy, momentum, angle, etc. 
(e) statistical accuracy 
(f) main sources of background and their elimination 
(g) method of reducing the data to a form suitable for comparison 
    to experiment and theory 
(i) potential physical knowledge to be gained in relationship 
    other experiments and to theory 

2. Beam parameters. 

    State the beam particle (s) to be used, RRC beam line and the 
location of the target area. State any special requirements for 
external beam foci. Give desired beam intensity, energy, and pulse 
characteristics.  Summarize the beam time requested. 

3.  Target. 

     Describe target material , size , location , and any special 

4. Detection equipment. 

    Describe the detection system and list special electronics 
desired. The design, operating procedures and operating mode of all 
hazardous equipment (equipment using flammable gas, pressure devices, 
dangerous chemicals, RI, etc.) must be approved by the RAF Safety 

5. Readiness, 
    At what date will your apparatus be ready for installation? 

6. Run conditions. 

    State length of a run required in terms of tune-up time and 
data taking time. State whether you want the data ~ taking time 
continuous or broken. 

7. Other information. 

     List any other details that will be important to schedule, 
setup, or operation of the experiment including resources needed 
from RRC.