The Fourth International Conference on Radioactive Nuclear Beams, June 3 - 7, 1996, Ohmiya, Japan

First Circular (July 15, 1995)

The fource International Conference on Radioactive Nuclear Beams (RNB-4) will be held in Ohmiya, Japan, on June 3-7, 1996. It is hosted by the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) and the Institute for Nuclear Study (INS).

Scope and Topics :

The scope of the conference will be in line with the three previous ones, Berkeley '89, Louvain-la-Neuve '91, Michigan '93, expecting more contributions on the new applications of RNB. The scientific program consists of invited talks, oral contributions, and posters. All the scientific program of the conference will be prepared in consultation with the International Organizing Committee.
The topics will include

Participation, Contributions and Proceedings :

Please indicate your interest to attend and to contribute using the attached questionnaire, to the Secretariat of the Conference by September 1st, 1995. Please also circulate the present announcement to potentially interested colleagues. The proceedings of the conference is planned to be published in the special issue of Nuclear Physics.
We would like to encourage students and post docs to participate in the conference. Part of the staying expenses might be supported by the local organizing committee. Part of the travel expenses might be also supported by the international advisory committee.

Conference Site and Transportation :

The conference will be held at the "Sonic City Hall", in Ohmiya, which is located about 30 km north of Tokyo, Japan. There is a direct bus transportation from Narita airport to Ohmiya railroad station.

Welcome to Ohmiya

Correspondence and Time table :

Please address all correspondence, including the questionnaire, to:
Mrs. S. Odai, RNB-4 Secretariat
The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Linac Lab.
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-01, Japan
FAX : +81-484-62-4689
Phone: +81-484-62-1111 ext.4211
Email: RNB4@rikvax.riken.go.jp
WWW : http://www.riken.go.jp
The second circular will be sent out by the end of October, 1995. Contributed abstracts will be called for in the second circular.

President :

A. Arima (RIKEN)

Co-chair :

M. Ishihara (RIKEN)
T. Nomura (INS)

International Advisory Committee :

W. Benenson (MSU)
R. Boyd (Ohio State)
J. M. D'Auria (SFU)
P. Van Duppen (KU Louven)
J. D. Garrett (ORNL)
K. Ikeda (Niigata)
Y. X. Luo (IMP)
G. C. Morrison (Birmingham)
A. C. Mueller (Orsay)
G. Munzenberg (GSI)
Yu. Oganessian (JINR)
A. Oglobrin (Kurchatov)
R. H. Siemssen (KVI)
C. Signorini (Padva)
K. Sugimoto (Osaka)
J. Vervier (UCL)
M. Zhukov (Gothenburg)

Local Organizing Committee :

Y. Abe (Kyoto)
H. Ikezoe (JAERI)
I. Katayama (INS)
T. Kishida (RIKEN)
T. Kobayashi* (RIKEN)
S. Kubono* (INS)
M. Morita (Josai)
T. Otsuka (Tokyo)
E. Takada (NIRS)
I. Tanihata* (RIKEN, chair.)
H. Toki (RCNP)
* Scientific Secretary