PHENIX MMN coil Fabrication and Test

PHENIX MMN coil - Fabrication and Test

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Fabrication of the PHENIX MMN Coil has started at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Melco) Kobe Works, Japan on 18 May 1996
Inspection at Melco Kobe Works during the fabrication on 5 June 1996
Inspection with the He Leak Detector on 7 June 1996
Befor putting the coil #2 into the oven on 10 June 1996.
Coil #2, Almost done... After curing the coil #2 in the oven on 15 June 1996. (Before painting)
Coil #2, Completed 21 June 1996.

Winding the first fold of Coil #1, on 17 June 1996 (Dummy spacer can be seen between the conductor)

Bus flags of Coil #1 on 21 June 1996
Coil #1 on 25 June 1996

Coil #1 completed on 25 June 1996

Witness on 28 June 1996 by RIKEN (T.Ichihara, Y. Goto)

Load test with 500,1000,1500,2000,2500A currents with circulated cooling water has been performed in this test. Magnetic field and water temp. increases etc. have been measured.

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2 July 1996