RHIC Computing Center in Japan

PHENIX-CC and PHENIX-CC-J Joint video conference


(JST = GMT + 900, JST = EDT + 1300)

Test conferecne:
Real conference:


Internet encrypted mbone conference

Preliminary Agenda

Morning Session (10 am - noon (EDT) 25th April '96): (Rm. 2-187)

10:00-10:30 B. Gibbard (BNL): Present Status of RHIC-CC
10:30-11:10 S. Sorensen (U.Tenn): Plans for PHENIX-CC
11:10-11:30 T. Ichihara (RIKEN): (video)Network for PHENIX-CC-J
11:30-11:50 J. Chiba (KEK): (video)Regional CC Planned for SSC
11:10-12:10 Y. Watanabe (RIKEN): Scope of PHENIX_CC-J


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