RHIC-Spin-J Theory Workshop

The RHIC-Spin-J theory workshop was organized to discuss the theoretical issues related to the RHIC/Spin project, which RIKEN is promoting in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA. Currently there are two major activites; one is to hold monthly workshop, the other is to formulate working group which will work on specific topics.

T.-A. Shibata (TIT/RIKEN) (chair)
H. Kitagawa(Tsukuba)
N. Saito (RIKEN)

Monthly Workshop

  • Jun. 20, 1995 Xiang-dong Ji - Theoretical Aspects of RHIC Spin
  • Jun. 20, 1995 Naohito Saito - Spin Physics Capabilities with PHENIX Detector System
  • Jul. 14, 1995 Hideki Hamagaki - Heavy Ion Physics with RHIC-PHENIX
  • Sep. 12, 1995 Tetsuo Hatsuda/Makoto Doui- Chiral Odd Nucleon Structure on the Lattice
  • Oct. 19, 1995 David A. Kosower Cutting and Sewing One-Loop Amplitudes in QCD
  • Oct. 24, 1995 David A. Kosower Physics with Jets
  • Oct. 25, 1995 Jacque Arvieux - The ELFE Project
  • Dec. 1, 1995 Teruya Yamanishi - The Behavior of Polarized Gluons in a Proton and High Energy Collisions
  • Feb. 23, 1996 Shunzo Kumano - Parton Distributions in the Nucleon and in Nuclei
  • Apr. 16, 1996 Hiroyuki Kawamura - Higher-twist Effects in Spin Structure Functions
  • Apr. 16, 1996 Toshi-Aki Shibata - Recent Results on Semi-Inclusive DIS from HERMES
  • Jun. 18, 1996 Shunzo Kumano - Status report on spin-dependent parton distributions

    Working Groups on Specific Topics

  • working group on polarized parton distributions
    organizers: T.-A. Shibata, S. Kumano, N. Saito

    Coming Workshop

  • schedule negotiation done!
    please mail your preference to : H. Kitagawa(Tsukuba)
  • announcement

    Naohito Saito
    Oct 13 1996