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Access to Theor. Nucl. Phys. Lab.

RIKEN Nishina Center is located in the the RIKEN Wako Campus. It is easy to access from Tokyo. You can find here how to reach the Wako Campus by train. There are shuttle buses from Tokyo Narita/Haneda Airport directly to Wako-shi station. You should buy a ticket at the desk in the arrival level and check the departure time. Remember that the service is not so frequent.

Our laboratory is currently located at first floor of Main Research Building, Rooms 157-160. in the Wako Campus. The Main Research Bldg is located at the center of the campus, that is bldg #1 on this Wako campus map. Secretaies of our group, Ms. Suzuki and Yamamoto (TEL: 048-467-9347), are in the second floor, room 254.

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    Theoretical Nuclear Physics Laboratory
RIKEN Nishina Center
Wako-shi 351-0198, Japan
TEL: +81 (0)48-467-9347
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