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High-Intensity Accelerator R&D Group

Photo of Leader
Group Director
Hiroki OKUNOD.Sci.
  • ただ今、本人確認中です。申し訳ございません。

Research Areas

The R&D group, consisting of two teams, develops elemental technology of high-power accelerators and high-power targets, aiming at future applications to nuclear transmutations of long-lived fission product into short-lived nuclides. The research subjects are superconducting rf cavities for low-velocity ions, design of high-power accelerators, high-power target systems and related technologies.

Research Subject

  1. High power ion–beam accelerator
  2. Superconducting rf cavity
  3. High power target technology

Team List

Laboratory Position Representative
High-Intensity Accelerator R&D group Group Director Hiroki OKUNO
High-Gradient Cavity R&D team Team Leader Naruhiko SAKAMOTO
High-Power Target R&D team Team Leader Hiroki OKUNO