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Ion Beam Breeding Team

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Team Leader
Tomoko ABED.Agr.
  • 1989年東北大学大学院農学研究科農学専攻修了
    東北大学遺伝生態研究センター 遺伝子多様性研究部門 日本学術振興会特別研究員
  • 1990年理化学研究所 薬剤作用研究室 基礎科学特別研究員
  • 1991年同 研究員
  • 1993年同 植物機能研究室 研究員
  • 2006年同 仁科加速器研究センター加速器応用研究グループ生物照射チ−ム副チームリーダー
  • 2008年同 加速器応用研究室生物照射チーム チームリーダー
  • 2010年同 加速器応用研究室 室長


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Research Areas

Ion beam breeding team studies various biological effects of fast heavy ions. It also develops new technique to breed plants and microbes by heavy-ion irradiations. Heavy ions can produce dense and localized ionizations in matters along their tracks. These localized and dense ionization can cause DNA double-strand breaks which are not easily repaired and result in mutation more effectively than single-strand breaks. Its research subjects cover physiological study of DNA repair, genome analyses of mutation, and development of mutation breeding of plants by heavy-ion irradiation. Some new cultivars have already been brought to the market.

Asagao Club (Japanese only)

Research Subject

  1. Biological effects caused by heavy-ion irradiation
  2. Ion-beam breeding and genome analysis
  3. Innovative applications of heavy-ion beams

List of Selected Publications

  1. Yamatani H., Kohzuma K., Nakano M., Takami T., Kato Y., Hayashi Y., Monden Y., Okumoto Y., Abe T., Kumamaru T., Tanaka A., Sakamoto W. and Kusaba M.:
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    J. Exp. Bot., 69, 1027-1035 (2018)
  2. Kazama Y.,Ishii K., Hirano T., Wakana T., Yamada M., Ohbu S. and Abe T.:
    " Different mutational function of low- and high-linear energy transfer heavy-ion irradiation demonstrated by whole genome re-sequencing of Arabidopsis mutants "
    Plant J., 92, 1020-1030 (2017)
  3. Izumi M, Mizuno T, Yanagi K, Sugimura K, Okumura K, Imamoto N, Abe T, and Hanaoka F.:
    "The Mcm2-7-interacting domain of human mini-chromosome maintenance 10 (Mcm10) protein is important for stable chromatin association and origin firing"
    J. Biol. Chem. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M117.779371 (2017)
  4. Ishii K., Kazama Y., Morita R., Hirano T., Ikeda T., Usuda S., Hayashi Y., Ohbu S., Ikeda R., Nakamura Y., Abe T.:
    "Linear Energy Transfer-Dependent Change in Rice Gene Expression Profile after Heavy-Ion Beam Irradiation"
    PLOS ONE 11(7), e0160061 (2016)
  5. Ikeda T., Kojima T., Natsume Y., Kimura J., Abe T.:
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    Applied Physics Letters 109, Article No. 133501 (2016)
  6. Yamada K., Suzuki H., Takeuchi T., Kazama Y., Mitra S., Abe T., Goda K., Suzuki K., Iwata O.:
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  7. Kato M., Masamura N., Shono J., Okamoto D., Abe T., Imai S.:
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  8. Kazama Y., Ishii K., Aonuma W., Ikeda T., Kawamoto H., Koizumi A., D. A. Filatov, M. Chibalina, R. Bergero, D. Charlesworth, Abe T., Kawano S.:
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    Sci.Rep. 6, Article No.18917 (2016)
  9. Morita R., Nakagawa M., Takehisa H., Hayashi Y., Ichida H., Usuda S., Ichinose K., Abe H., Shirakawa Y., Sato T., Fujiwara T. M., Itoh D.R., Abe T.:
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    Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. 81(2), .271-282 (2016)
  10. Hirano T, Kazama Y, Ishii K, Ohbu S, Shirakawa Y, and Abe T.:
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