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Nuclear Spectroscopy Laboratory

Leader's Picture
Laboratory Head
Hideki UENOD.Sci.
  • 1991年東京工業大学理学部応用物理学科卒業
  • 1995年日本学術振興会特別研究員
  • 1995年東京工業大学 大学院理工学研究科応用物理学専攻博士退(1996年 東京工業大学博士(理学))
  • 1995年大阪大学理学部助手
  • 2000年理化学研究所研究員(2005年より先任研究員、2008年より専任研究員)
  • 2009年同 仁科加速器研究センター偏極RIビーム生成装置開発チームリーダー(現在に至る)
  • 2010年同 共用促進・産業連携部 共用促進チームリーダー(現在に至る)
  • 2011年同 共用促進・産業連携部 副部長(現在に至る)


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Research Areas

It has been revealed that far-unstable RIs (radioactive isotopes), which have an extremely high or low proton/neutron ratio as compared with naturally occurring stable nuclei, show various unique properties. The understanding of the nuclear-structure changes and their mechanism by which such properties appear is one of the most important subjects in nuclear physics. The research group has conducted physics studies utilizing RI beams mainly at the RIBF facility. These studies are based on the technique of nuclear spectroscopy such as β-ray-detected NMR, γ-PAD (Perturbed Angular Distribution), laser, and Mössbauer among other methods. In particular, based on our own techniques and devices for the production of spin-controlled RI beams, anomalous nuclear structures and properties of far unstable nuclei are investigated through the determination of intrinsic nuclear properties such as nuclear spins, electromagnetic moments.

Research Subject

  1. Production of spin-oriented RI beams and its application to the nuclear-moment measurements of unstable nuclei
  2. RIPS upgrade and development of highly polarized slow RI beams
  3. Fundamental physics: study of symmetry
  4. Condensed matter studies using radioactive nuclear probe

List of Selected Publications

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