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Spin-Isospin Laboratory

Picture of the Leader
Chief scientist
Tomohiro UESAKAD.Sci.
  • 1992年東京大学理学部卒業
  • 1997年同大学院理学系研究科物理学専攻博士課程修了
  • 1997年理化学研究所サイクロトロン研 基礎科学特別研究員
  • 1999年埼玉大学理学部物理学科 助手
  • 2002年東京大学大学院理学系研究科附属原子核科学研究センター講師
  • 2005年同 助教授
  • 2011年理化学研究所 主任研究員 現在に至る


Staff photo

Research Areas

A nucleus is a finite-body quantum system of hadrons and is a self-organizing system governed by the strong interaction. How do "variety" and "regularity" develop and coexist in the nuclear world? We are aiming at clarifying its mechanism through experimental studies of radio-active nuclei produced at the RI Beam Factory.

In particular, the Spin-Isisopn Laboratory pursues research activities putting focus on interplay of spin and isospin which are manifestations of symmetry of nature.

We are, at present, performing experiments with spin-polarized protons to solve the magicity-loss problem appearing far from the beta-stability line.

Research Subject

  1. Experimental studies of radioactive nuclei via direct reactions
  2. Search for yet-to-be-discovered states through RI-beam induced reactions
  3. Production of spin-polarized nuclei
  4. Study of nucleo-systhesis with heavy-ion storage ring

List of Selected Publications

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