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BigRIPS is an in-flight RI beam separator being constructed at RIBF to realize the production of intense RI beams with wide range of masses and isospin. The BigRIPS separator is characterized by two major features: large acceptances and a two-stage separator scheme. The large acceptances are achieved by the use of superconducting quadrupoles with large apertures. This feature enables efficient RI-beam production, even when the in-flight fission of uranium beams at 350 MeV/nucleon is employed as a production reaction. Fission fragments have large spreads in both angle and momentum in our energy domain. The two-stage separator scheme allows one to deliver tagged RI beams: The first stage of BigRIPS separator serves to produce and separate RI beams, while the second stage serves to identify RI-beam species in an event-by-event mode. The tagged RI beams are delivered to experimental setups placed downstream. Because the purity of RI beams is expected to be poor at our energies, the scheme will facilitate RI-beam experiments such as secondary reaction studies of unstable nuclei. These features and the capability of RIBF cyclotrons are expected to enlarge the scope of RI-beam experiments significantly, promoting studies on properties and reactions of unstable nuclei further from the stability.

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