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20The 20th Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting for Nuclear-Physics Experiments at RI Beam Factory

The 20th Program Advisory Committee for Nuclear Physics experiments at RI Beam Factory will be held as follows. The presentations at the meeting are open to the public.

Date: December 16-18, 2019
Place : RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)


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The 20th Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting for Nuclear-Physics Experiments at RI Beam Factory

Date: December 16-18, 2019
Place : RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)

December 16 (Mon.) RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)
8:30Opening Session
9:30NP1912-RIBF175Quadrupole moment measurement of the 7/2+ isomeric state of 99Zr using spin-aligned beamsY. Ichikawa
9:50NP1912-RIBF135R1High precision spectroscopy of pionic atoms in tin isotopes by (d,3He) reactionsK. Itahashi
10:10Coffee Break (20 min.)
10:30NP1912-RIBF178Two-proton radioactivity of 34Ca, the predicted bubble-like nucleusI. Mukha
10:50NP1912-RIBF143R2Nuclear structure studies around 132Sn through nuclear moment measurements of isomeric statesG. Georgiev
11:10NP1912-RIBF169R1Signatures of nuclear structure evolution in beta-delayed neutron emission towards 60Ca regionR. Grzywacz
11:30Closed Session
11:50Lunch (40 min.)
12:30 NP1912-SHARAQ18Determination of neutron capture cross sections for r-process nucleosynthesisN. Imai
12:50 NP1912-SHARAQ19Study on νp-process nucleosynthesis in core collapse supernovaeB. Mauss
13:10NP1912-RIBF176Commissioning of SLOWRI gas catcher and symbiotic mass measurements at F11M. Wada
13:30NP1912-RIBF174Probing single-particle structure of a possible oblate-shape isomer in 109Nb by magnetic moment measurement H. Watanabe
Beihang Univ.
Rare RI Ring
13:50NP1912-RIRING04Mass and lifetime measurements with a Schottky detector at the Rare-RI Ring facilityT. Yamaguchi
Saitama Univ.
14:10Coffee Break (20 min.)
14:30NP1912-RIBF179Nuclear structure beyond 132Sn toward N=90N. Aoi
14:50NP1912-RIBF180High-resolution studies of collectivity, shape coexistence, and single particle orbitals in neutron-rich 95-98Kr isotopes A. Blazhev
15:10NP1912-RIBF181Gamma-ray spectroscopy in the vicinity of double-magic 78NiR. Taniuchi
Univ. York
15:30NP1912-RIBF190Exploring quadrupole and octupole collectivity beyond 78Ni through B (Eλ) measurements of 85,86Ge and 86,88,90SeF. Browne
15:50Coffee Break (20 min.)
16:10Closed Session
December 17 (Tue.) RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)
8:30NP1912-RIBF182Scrutinizing the low-lying structure in the N= Z 80Zr and 82Nb nucleiJ. Dobon (Speaker: J. Ha)
LNL, INFN (Seoul Nat'l Univ.)
8:50NP1912-RIBF183Study of octupole collectivity in neutron-rich 146Ba using Coulomb excitation at intermediate energiesL. Gaffney
Univ. Liverpool
9:10NP1912-RIBF184Testing shell model descriptions of single-particle states in the 100Sn region: in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy of 101Sn and 100InJ. Park
Lund Univ.
9:30NP1912-RIBF185Probing quadrupole strength and single-particle structure at N=51: Coulex of 83GeA. Gottardo
9:50NP1912-RIBF186Study of neutron rich chlorine isotopes around N=28A. Gillibert
CEA Saclay
10:10Coffee Break (20 min.)
10:30NP1912-RIBF187High-resolution spectroscopy and lifetime measurements in neutron-rich Zr and Mo isotopesW. Korten
CEA Saclay
10:50NP1912-RIBF188Isospin dependence of nucleon-nucleon forces in heavy self-conjugate systems: 92Pd and 94AgD. Mengoni
Univ. Padova
11:10NP1912-RIBF189Single-particle states in the N=82 nucleus 129AgZ. Podolyak
Univ. Surrey
11:30NP1912-RIBF196Neutron intruder states and collectivity beyond N=50 towards 78NiF. Flavigny (Speaker : Z. Podolyak)
LPC Caen(Univ. Surrey)
11:50NP1912-RIBF142R1Evolution of collectivity in Ti isotopes towards N=40 island of inversionT. Koiwai
Univ. Tokyo
12:10Lunch (60 min.)
13:10NP1912-RIBF192Proton and Neutron Knockout from 64CrK. Wimmer
13:30NP1912-RIBF193Characterization of a strongly Coulomb-excited state at an excitation energy above 4 MeV in 136Te A. Jungclaus
13:50NP1912-RIBF194Nuclear shape evolution of 142Te with neutron number N = 90B. Moon
14:10NP1912-RIBF19520C 2+ lifetime revisited: HiCARI to the rescueM. Petri
Univ. York
14:30Coffee Break (20 min.)
14:50NP1912-RIBF197Evolution and isospin-dependence of quadrupole collectivity in the heaviest N=Z systemsM. Bentley
Univ. York
15:10NP1912-RIBF170R1Proton Removal and Lifetimes in the Ca Isotopes: Spectroscopy and Reaction StudiesH. Crawford
15:30NP1912-RIBF172R1Evolution of B (E2)↑ values of neutron-rich isotopes around Z = 28M. Cortes
15:50NP1912-RIBF177Production of neutron-rich nuclei around doubly-magic 78Ni at ISOL facility: Projectile fragmentation of unstable nucleus 81Ga W. Liu
16:10Coffee Break (20 min.)
16:30Closed Session
18:30Reception at 1st Cafeteria
December 18 (Wed.) RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)
8:30NP1912-AVF6019Ne Proton Resonance Elastic Scattering with CRIBN. Ma
8:50NP1912-AVF65Unravelling four-body breakup effects in the 6He+p elastic scatteringM. Sferrazza (Speaker: H. Yamaguchi)
9:10NP1912-SAMURAI49Study of density dependence of the symmetry energy with the measurements of charged pion ratio in heavy RI collisions (III) W. Lynch
9:30NP1912-SAMURAI50Proton excited states and change of the Z= 6 shell gap in neutron-rich carbon isotopesS. Kim
Korea Univ./ Ewha Womans Univ.
9:50NP1912-SAMURAI51Knockout of preformed α particles from α-decay isotopic chainJ. Tanaka
10:10Coffee Break (20 min.)
10:30NP1912-SAMURAI52Invariant-mass spectroscopy in the vicinity of the possible doubly magic nucleus 28OY. Kondo
Tokyo Tech.
10:50NP1912-SAMURAI53Search for short-range correlated proton-neutron pair in neutron-rich nucleiH. Wang
Tokyo Tech.
11:10NP1912-SAMURAI54Charge-exchange (p,n) reaction in inverse kinematics on the most neutron rich doubly magic nucleus 24O L. Stuhl
11:30NP1912-SAMURAI55Determination of the nn scattering length from a high-resolution measurement of the nn relative-energy spectrum produced in the 6He (p,pα)2n, t (p,2p)2n, and d (7Li,7Be)2n reactionsT. Aumann
TU Darmstadt
11:50Lunch (60 min.)
12:50NP1912-RRC63Mass and lifetime measurements of neutron-rich actinide isotopes toward r-process terminationY. Watanabe
13:10NP1912-RRC64Half-life and mass measurements of nuclei around N=126 using KISSY. Hirayama
13:30NP1912-LINAC35Production of 3 new isotopes using ​203​Tl target and ​50​Ti/​51​V beam: 250-1​Lr and ​252​RfP. Brionnet
13:50 NP1912-LINAC34R1Identification of the heavy residue in the two-body reaction 66Zn (370 MeV)+232Th->4He+294Og at zero degree close to the kinematic limit C. Borcea
14:10Coffee Break (20 min.)
14:30Closed Session
16:00Coffee Break (20 min.)
16:20Closed Session
18:00Coffee Break (30 min.)
18:30Closed Session
19:30Closeout Remarks


Call for Proposals

1. Call for Proposals (PDF (293kb))

Issuance of the Call for Proposal: August 29, 2019
Deadline of proposal submission: October 15, 2019


2. Cover sheet (MS-Word (123kb), PDF (210kb))


3. Technical Information

- Primary-beam list
- LISE++ input file for BigRIPS and secondary-beam cross sections



NP-PAC members

Name Institute
R. V. F. Janssens Univ. of North Carolina
D. Ackermann GANIL
N. Aoi RCNP, Osaka Univ.
M. Borge CSIC, Madrid
R. Charity Washington Univ. in St. Louis
A.O. Macchiavelli LBNL
G. Martinez-Pinedo GSI/TU Darmstadt
I. Moore Univ. of Jyvaskyla
D.J. Morrissey NSCL, MSU
H. Nakada Chiba Univ.
A. Obertelli TU Darmstadt
T. Saito RIKEN
K. Sekiguchi Tohoku Univ.
P.J. Woods Univ. of Edinburgh
A.  Vitturi Univ. of Padova
X. Zhou IMP



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