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14The 14th Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting for Nuclear-Physics Experiments at RI Beam Factory

The 14th Program Advisory Committee for Nuclear Physics experiments at RI Beam Factory will be held as follows. The presentations at the meeting are open to the public.

Date : June 27 and 28, 2014
Place : Conference Hall, RIBF Bldg (2F)


Access to RIKEN, Wako Campus

■ Hotel nearby RIKEN
 •Hotel Toyoko Inn Wako-shi Ekimae
 •Super Hotel Saitama, in front Wako Station
 •Hotel Toyoko Inn Ikebukuro Kita-guchi No.1
  (13min.distance to Wako-shi by train)
 •Hotel Toyoko Inn Ikebukuro Kita-guchi No.2
  (13min.distance to Wako-shi by train)
  You may book a room on their web site.


Call for Proposals

1. Call for Proposals (PDF)

Issuance of the Call For Proposal : March 20, 2014
Deadline of proposal submission : May 2, 2014


2. Cover sheet (MS-Word, PDF)


3. Technical Information

- Primary-beam list
- LISE++ input file for BigRIPS and secondary-beam cross sections


A list of approved proposals

Title Spokesperson(s) Affiliation
NP1406-AVF19 Study of α cluster structure in 22Mg K. Chae Sungkyunkwan U.
NP1406-AVF20 Measurement of alpha elastic scattering on 15O K.I. Hahn Ewha Womans U.
NP1406-AVF23 New study of the 18F(α,p)15O reaction at astrophysical energies using the Trojan Horse Method at CRIB S. Cherubini U. di Catania - INFN-LNS
(Update Prpsl.)
New isotope production of neutron-deficient actinide close to N=126 closed shell Y. Wakabayashi RNC
NP1406-RRC31 Systematic study of single particle structures around island of inversion N. Imai KEK
(Detector R&D)
Isotope Identification in Nuclear Emulsion Plate for Double-Hypernuclear Study K. Nakazawa Gifu U.
(Detector R&D)
Development of OROCHI towards laser spectroscopy for low-yield exotic nuclei K. Imamura Meiji U./ RNC
Exploration of the possible new island of inversion with the discovery of neutron rich nuclei T. Kubo,
O.B. Tarasov
(Update Prpsl.)
Coulomb excitation of ground states and isomeric states in Pd and Cd nuclei between the N=50 shell closure and N=Z B. Cederwall Royal Inst. of Tech.
(Update Prpsl.)
Relativistic Coulomb excitation of neutron mid-shell Pb nuclei at BigRIPS T. Grahn U. of Jyv_skyl_
NP1406-RIBF123 Determination of neutron skin thickness via measurements of σI and σCC of Ni isotopes M. Takechi Niigata U.
NP1406-RIBF124 Nuclear -moment measurement for isomers near N=50 line using spin-aligned RI beams Y. Ichikawa RNC
NP1406-RIBF125 (d,p) transfer reaction studies using slowed-down beams at RIBF D. Beaumel IPNO/RNC
NP1406-RIBF126 Collective properties in low-lying states in 77Cu via Coulomb excitation E. Sahin U. of Oslo
NP1406-RIBF127 Measurements of new beta-delayed neutron emission properties around doubly-magic 78Ni K.P. Rykaczewski ORNL
NP1406-RIBF128 Measurement of β-delayed neutron emission probabilities relevant to the A = 130 r-process abundance peak A.V. Estrade, G. Lorusso & F. Montes Edimburgh U., RNC, NSCL/MSU
(Update Prpsl.)
Investigation of the 4n system at SAMURAI by measuring p,pa quasi-free scattering at large momentum transfer in complete kinematics S. Paschalis TU Darmstadt
NP1406-SAMURAI24 Investigation of proton-unbound states in neutron-deficient isotopes 66Se and 58Zn V. Panin RNC
NP1406-SAMURAI25 Study of nuclear reactions relevant for type I X-ray bursts Z. Elekes MTA Atomki
NP1406-SAMURAI26 Study of resonance states in 34Ca using neutron removal reactions of 35,36Ca N. Iwasa Tohoku U.
NP1406-SAMURAI27 Spectroscopy of Odd-A Nuclei in the Island of Inversion N. Kobayashi U. of Tokyo

14th Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting for Nuclear-Physics Experiments at RI Beam Factory

Date: June 27-28, 2014
Place : RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)

June 27 (Fri.) RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)
9:00WelcomeH. En'yo
9:10Overview of the RIBF acceleratorsN. Fukunishi
9:25Overview of nuclear physics experiments at RIBFH. Sakurai
9:40NP1406-RIBF44R1 (updated proposal)O.B. Tarasov
10:00NP1406-RIBF123M. Takechi
Niigata U.
10:20NP1406-RIBF124Y. Ichikawa
10:40Coffee Break (20 min.)
11:00NP1406-RIBF125D. Beaumel
11:20NP1406-RIBF126E. Sahin
U. of Oslo
11:40NP1406-RIBF127K.P. Rykaczewski, J.L. Tain, R.K. Grzywacz, I. Dillmann
ORNL, IFIC-Valencia, U. Tennessee, TRIUMF
12:00NP1406-RIBF128A.V. Estrade, G. Lorusso & F. Montes
Edimburgh U., RNC, NSCL/MSU
12:20Closed Session - (1)
12:50Lunch (60 min.)
13:50 NP1406-SHARAQ09 S. Terashima
Beihang U
14:10NP1406-SAMURAI23T. Isobe, T. Murakami, W.G. Lynch & B. Tsang
14:30NP1406-SAMURAI24V. Panin
14:50NP1406-SAMURAI26N. Iwasa
Tohoku U.
15:10Coffee Break (20 min.)
15:30Closed Session - (2)
June 28 (Sat.) RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)
9:00NP1406-SAMURAI19R1 (updated proposal)S. Paschalis
TU Darmstadt
9:20NP1406-SAMURAI25Z. Elekes
MTA Atomki
9:40NP1406-SAMURAI27N. Kobayashi
U. of Tokyo
10:00NP1406-RIBF116R1 (updated proposal)B. Cederwall (presenter: P. Doornenbal)
Royal Inst. of Tech. (RNC)
10:20NP1406-RIBF120R1 (updated proposal)T. Grahn
U. of Jyväskylä
10:40Coffee Break (20 min.)
11:00NP1406-RRC31N. Imai
11:20NP1406-RRC32 (Detector R&D)K. Nakazawa
Gifu U.
11:40NP1406-RRC33 (Detector R&D)K. Imamura
Meiji U./ RNC
12:00Closed Session - (3)
12:30Lunch (60 min.)
13:30NP1406-LINAC10R1 (updated proposal)Y. Wakabayashi
13:50NP1406-AVF19K. Chae
Sungkyunkwan U.
14:10NP1406-AVF20K.I. Hahn
Ewha Womans U.
14:30NP1406-AVF23S. Cherubini (Presenter: H. Yamaguchi)
U. di Catania - INFN-LNS (CNS)
14:50Coffee Break (20 min.)
15:10Closed Session - (4)
18:00Closeout Remarks


14th Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

NP-PAC members

Name Institute
Muhsin Harakeh (chair) KVI
Rick F. Casten Yale Univ.
Hans Emling GSI
Hironori Iwasaki Michigan State Univ.
Walter Loveland Oregon State Univ.
Satoshi Nakamura Tohoku Univ.
Takashi Nakatsukasa RNC
Thomas Nilsson Chalmers Univ. of Technology
Christoph Scheidenberger GSI
Bradley Sherrill FRIB Lab.
Olivier Sorlin GANIL
Atsushi Tamii RCNP, Osaka Univ.
Friedrich-K. Thielemann Univ. of Basel
Yutaka Utsuno JAEA
Masanobu Yahiro Kyushu Univ.
Yanlin Ye Peking Univ.

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