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SAMURAI experimental hall

RIBF Build. B2F  E18, E19     (E16 for preparation)

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Standard configuration at upstream of the magnet

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Standard configuration at downstream of the magnet

Opening angle of the exit window on downstream chamber

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  • This is a current configuration (May 2012). SAMURAI magnet is rotated 30 deg.
  • The development of the exit window is going on towards getting a height of 800 mm.

Superconducting dipole magnet



H-type, Superconducting coil

Pole shape


Pole diameter

 2 m

Pole gap

0.88 m (0.8 m in vacuum chamber)

Yoke width

6.7 m

Yoke depth

3.5 m

Yoke height

4.64 m



Maximum current

 563 A

Maximum magnetic field

3.08 T

Field integral along beam axis

7.0 Tm @ 3.08 T

Current density

66.74 A/mm2 @ 563 A

Maximum stored energy

27.4 MJ @ 563 A




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