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RIBF Radiation Retraining

The Retraining in E-learning system

To enter the radiation controlled area at RIBF, you are required to complete a retraining program every fiscal year. The retraining program is provided via E-learning.

Since the login URL is in Japanese, it can be changed to English by following the instruction manual below.

-> English Manual

How to Login

Your ID is ***YYYYMMDD.
*** are the first three letters of your registered name as radiation worker shown in capital letters.
The subsequent numbers are your date of birth in the format of YYYYMMDD.
For example, if your name is registered as "Michael Jackson" and your date of birth is 29th August 1958, your login ID is "MIC19580829".

Your password is "Ribf****". **** is the radiation worker code number printed on your QuIxel badge. The first "0" of the code number is omitted.
In the sample case shown below, it is "Ribf2580".

Picture of QuIxel badge

The Period for the Retraining and Allowed to Enter

The period when the retraining program is offered and when you are allowed to enter the radiation controlled area is shown below :

Attendance schedule


If you have any problem about logging in etc., contact nishina-safety[at] (exchange "[at]" to "@")