HiCARI: High-resolution Cluster Array at RIBF

Remote monitoring (password required)

Analysis (password required)

We are currently developing a germanium-based gamma-ray spectrometer composed of MINIBALL, Super Clover detectors, and several Ge tracking detectors from Japan, China, South-Korea, Europe, and the USA for experimental fast beam campaigns at the RIBF in 2020 and 2021.

Further information regarding the array's performance, simulation package, etc. will be posted on this page in due course. For the time being, one can find information regarding the array's envisaged performance in the Construction Proposal and the Letter of Intent below. Also a simulation code is available, which can be downloaded below.


2019/4/10-12 High Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy at the RIBF TU Darmstadt Darmstadt, Germany
2019/8/26-28 8th SUNFLOWER Workshop / HiCARI Workshop (JSPS A3Foresight) Osaka University Osaka, Japan


Installation Notes for GEANT4 10.4 package [PDF]
Manual for Simulation Package [PDF]
Full Simulation Package (Version Nov. 28) [ZIP]
UCHiCARI: GEANT simulation code (Version 1.4, Nov. 28) [TAR.GZ]
HrROOT: eventbuilder and analysis code (Version 1.3, Sept. 27) [TAR.GZ]
examples: input and settings files (Version 1.3 Nov. 28) [TAR.GZ]


Call for pre-proposals for the HiCARI campaign [PDF]
Construction Proposal submitted to 19th RIBF NP-PAC [PDF]
Letter Of Intent to host Miniball at the RIBF [PDF]