Guideline for joining experiments led by 'In-beam γ-ray Spectroscopy Group' in RNC

The style of collaboration is defined experiment-by-experiment by its spokesperson.

For experiments led by 'In-beam γ-ray Spectroscopy Group' in RNC, we welcome everybody who is interested in experiments. You can participate in several ways:

  1. Full contribution:
    Joining one of the sub-group (DALI2, DAQ, Beam calculations, etc) and helping to operate/maintain that part during the experiment.
  2. Detector preparation or operation:
    You can bring your own equipments for the experiment.
  3. During the experiment:
    You can take several shifts and contribute to accomplish the experiment.
  4. Contribution before or after the experiment:
    You can contribute during various stages of the research, for example, the designing of an experiment (preparation of the proposal), data analysis, or the writing of a publication.
  5. Observer:
    In order to gain familiarity with DALI2-based experiments, you may join an experiment as an observer. You will not be included in the author list of the paper.