Information on proposing in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy experiments at RIBF


Since DALI2, CRYPTA, and GRAPE are not facility-operated devices, all related experiments must be performed in collaboration with 'In-beam γ-ray Spectroscopy Group' at RNC and CNS. Contact person for DALI2/CRYPTA: DOORNENBAL Pieter ( For GRAPE: IDEGUCHI Eiji ( General information about the procedures for performing an experiment at the RIBF facility is described in the RIBF User Guide.

Proposing in-beam γ-ray spectroscopy experiments: information for spokespersons

Everybody is welcome to propose an experiment that will make use our devices. Please contact us when you consider proposing an experiment well before finalizing the proposal in order to help improving the details. Your proposal should be distributed among the γ collaboration at least one month prior to the offical deadline for submission. It is encouraged that the spokesperson(s) participate in at least one of our experiments before submitting a proposal, although it is not mandatory.

Machine-time (MT) request

Experiments with the same primary beam may be performed in series to help enhance the productivity of the facility. The order/schedule will be determined following discussions by the γ-ray spectroscopy collaboration. Please consult with us ( before submitting your MT request.

Information on experimental area