MINOS -Magic Numbers Off Stability-

MINOS, acronym for MagIc Numbers Off Stability, is a new apparatus dedicated to in-beam nuclear structure experiments with low-intensity exotic beams in inverse kinematics at intermediate energies above 150 MeV/nucleon. The detector is to be used at RIKEN/RIBF, today's world leading Radioactive Ion Beam facility. The device is composed of a thick liquid hydrogen target coupled to a compact time projection chamber serving as a vertex tracker. Either used for in-beam gamma spectroscopy of bound excited states in conjunction with DALI2 or/and invariant-mass spectroscopy of unbound states at SAMURAI, MINOS aims at improving the luminosity by a significant factor (factor 5 in statistics) compared to standard solid-target material experiments while improving experimental resolutions.

For details, go to the MINOS web page.