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Author's Guide For RIKEN APR

About RIKEN Accelerator Progress Report

RIKEN Accelerator Progress Report (hereinafter referred to as APR) is the official annual report of the Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science. APR includes the research results and interim report of all research conducted at the Nishina Center in the span of a year from January to December. All persons engaging in such research are encouraged to make contribution.

Applicable Research Activities

Research activities at the Nishina Center (including Partner institutions, RIKEN-RAL and RBRC)

  • Research using an accelerator (*1)
  • Research related to the experiment using an accelerator (theoretical study, astrophysics etc.)
  • Research and measurement technology related to accelerator
  • Summary of a paper related to accelerator published in the relevant year. Summary of a paper that was published in the previous year can also be submitted, with, the name of the journal that featured the paper specified by footnote, e.g., “Condensed from the article in Phys. Rev. A72, 168 (2005)”.
  • Concrete plan scheduled for the near future
  • Status report of on-going experiment
  • Any  other research report of all those affiliated with the Nishina Center.

(*1) Other than the experiments performed in the relevant year, any experiments conducted in the past whose results have not been published yet are considered to be ongoing. The submission of their progress/results is requested. Please be sure to mention that the research has been made by using Pelletron accelerator of RIKEN.
Your research will be deemed complete when you submit the research result published as a paper in the form of progress report (abbreviated version of the paper) to APR. With this, your experiment will be deleted from the reminder list of APR.
This is only a general guideline however, so we ask you to consult with your RIKEN collaborator(s) to decide whether your progress report should be submitted to the current issue of APR.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.


For questions regarding classification of your manuscript, contact the editorial committee member in charge of the corresponding field:

2-1. Nuclear Physics  
2-2. Nuclear Physics (Theory)
2-3. Nuclear Data  
2-4. Hadron & High-energy Heavy-ion Physics
2-5. Hadron Physics (Theory)  
2-6. Particle Physics
2-7. Astrophysics and Astro-Glaciology
2-8. Accelerator 
2-9. Instrumentation 
3-1. Atomic and Solid State Physics (Ion) 
3-2. Atomic and Solid State Physics (Muon)   
3-3. Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry 
3-4. Radiation Chemistry and Biology
4. Operation records



The copyright belongs to the authors.
The authors shall approve the use by RIKEN of all or part or appropriately revised paper and graphic materials thereof, pertaining to the research results submitted to this APR, for publishing in the RIKEN Nishina Center's Accelerator Progress Report (including Website), to promote RIKEN's public relations activities, to make the research result more known to public, and for work related to reporting to government office.


Important Notice

  • The manuscript will be considered submitted when you receive an e-mail notification with “Editorial Reference Number: APC***”. If you do not receive the notification, it means that your electronic application has not gone through properly.
  • Exchange of emails will follow after the manuscript is submitted via the website.
  • All prints and materials in the website will be in full color.
  • Submitted paper may be nominated for Research/Technology Encouragement Prize awarded to RIKEN's young researchers and technicians.


Important Notice for the Partner Institutions

  • The Partner institutions are liable for submitting and reporting the scientific results and accomplishments arising from the research carried out in the Nishina Center to this APR.
  • Member of Partner institution must fill out the name of its Partner Institution in the Contribution Form when submitting the manuscript.
  • Copyrights pertaining to research results from papers and graphic materials thereof shall belong to the member of Partner institution.
  • Member of Partner institution shall approve the use by RIKEN of all or part or appropriately revised paper and graphic materials thereof, pertaining to the research results submitted to this APR, for publishing in the RIKEN Nishina Center's Accelerator Progress Report (including CD-ROM, Website).

Publication Schedule

schedule:Dec. early - Jan. late manscript submission. Feb. mid -May mid proofreading. Apr. early - Jun. mid outsourcing English proofreading and submission of final manscript. Jun. late - Sep. mid final revision - printing. Sep. late publication.

In case you become unreachable due to transfer, graduation etc. and the revision process of the final draft could not be completed, we may forego publishing your manuscript. If you are aware of such cases in advance, provide your emergency contact information in the Contribution Form or contact APR Editorial Committee.