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The separator consists of four magnets in a D1-Q1-Q2-D2 configuration. D1 is a dipole magnet in order to separate primary beam and fusion product which has the 12.2 msr of acceptance and a central radius of curvature of 1.44 m and a deflection angle of 45 degree, respectively. Another dipole magnet D2 was installed in order to reduce a background. The total path length is 5.76 m. The system is filled with helium gas at a pressure of about 0.1 - 1.0 Torr. An upstream of vacuum region and the gas filled region was separated by a differential pumping system without using any foils. Beam intensity and target condition are monitored by measuring the elastically scattered particle with PIN photo diode detector. Energy of the primary beam from the RILAC is monitored by two method. One is a B-rho of 90 degree bending magnet and the other is ToF of beam line. The accuracy of the beam energy is ± 0.2 %.


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