Dear Users and Collaborators of RIKEN Nishina Center,

Thank you very much for your kind words and offers of support on the tragic incidents in Japan..
It was very fortunate that the damage of RIBF at RIKEN Nishina Center was not significant The recovery procedure is on the track, and we started an experiment at RILAC, using the gas co-generation system at RIBF.
It is expected, however, that the full operation of RIBF is difficult for at least several months due to the current electric power shortage in the Tokyo area. We are planning to run experiments within the co-generation power limitation.
We will keep you informed for further updates. We appreciate your continuous support for the science in Japan.

Hideto En’yo
Director of RIKEN Nishina Center

Takaharu Otsuka
Director of Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo



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