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19The 19th Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting for Nuclear-Physics Experiments at RI Beam Factory

The 18th Program Advisory Committee for Nuclear Physics experiments at RI Beam Factory will be held as follows. The presentations at the meeting are open to the public.

Date: November 29-December 1, 2018
Place : RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)


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The 19th Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting for Nuclear-Physics Experiments at RI Beam Factory

Date: November 29 - December 1, 2018
Place : RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)

November 29 (Thu.) RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)
9:00WelcomeH. En'yo
9:15Overview of the RIBF acceleratorsN. Fukunishi
9:30Overview of nuclear physics experiments at RIBFH. Sakurai
9:55Report from CNSS. Shimoura
10:10Report from WNSC, KEKH. Miyatake
10:25Plan of Superheavy Element Search ExperimentK. Morimoto
10:40Coffee Break (20 min.)
11:00NP1812-RIBF156R1Magnetic moment measurements for neutron-rich N=60 regionY. Ichikawa
11:20NP1812-RIBF170Proton Removal in the Li, O and Ca Isotopes: Spectroscopy and Reaction StudiesH. Crawford
11:40Closed Session (1)
12:10Business Lunch (50 min.)
13:00NP1812-RIBF168Study of "superallowed" decay of lightest alpha emitters and proton emission near doubly-magic 100Sn.R. Grzywacz
Univ. Tennessee
13:20NP1812-RIBF169Signatures of nuclear structure evolution in beta-delayed neutron emission towards 60Ca regionR. Grzywacz
Univ. Tennessee
13:40NP1812-RIBF171Nuclear shell structures and Gamow-Teller transitions in Sb, Te, I, Xe, and Cs far beyond 132Sn with N = 88 to 94B. Moon
Korea Univ.
14:00NP1812-RIBF152R1Measurements of charge-changing and reaction cross sections of neutron-rich Ca isotopesR. Kanungo
St. Mary U / TRIUMF
14:20Coffee Break (20 min.)
14:40NP1812-RIBF155R1Exploring new territories of nuclear structure towards 60Ca with BRIKENS. Go
Kyushu Univ.
15:00NP1812-RIBF172Evolution of B(E2)↑ values of neutron-rich Ni isotopesM.L. Cortes
15:20NP1812-RIBF116R2Coulomb excitation of Pd and Cd nuclei between the N=50 shell closure and N=ZB. Cederwall (speaker: Chong Qi)
Royal Institute of Technology
15:40NP1812-RIBF173High Resolution In-Beam Gamma-Ray Spectrometer for the RIBFP. Doornenbal
16:00Coffee Break (20 min.)
16:20Closed Session (2)
November 30 (Fri.) RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)
9:00NP1812-SHARAQ13Direct mass measurements towards light-mass proton-dripline nucleiS. Michimasa
9:20NP1812-SHARAQ14Spectroscopy beyond the proton sd-shell drip lineB. Fernández-Domíguez (speaker: M. Marques)
Univ. Santiago de Compostela (LPC CAEN)
9:40NP1812-SHARAQ15Systematic study on octupole collectivity of neutron-rich ZrJ. Hwang
10:00NP1812-SHARAQ12R1Single-particle states in fp-shell nucleiK. Wimmer
Univ. Tokyo
10:20Coffee Break (20 min.)
10:40NP1812-SHARAQ16Explosive hydrogen burning beyond 56NiD. Suzuki
11:00NP1812-SHARAQ17Pair transfer probe the quantum phase transition in 98ZrS. Franchoo
IPN Orsay
Rare RI Ring
11:20NP1812-RIRING03Mass measurements of N=Z nuclei and the vicinity at the RIBF (No.1)Z. Ge
11:40NP1812-SAMURAI41Determination of the nn scattering length from a high-resolution measurement of the nn relative-energy spectrum produced in the 6He(p,pa)2n, t(p,2p)2n, and d(7Li,7Be)2n reactionsT. Aumann
TU Darmstadt
12:00Business Lunch (50 min.)
12:50NP1812-SAMURAI42Pygmy dipole states in mirror nuclei via Coulomb exciationD. Mengoni (speaker: A. Gottardo)
Univ. Padova- INFN Padova (INFN Legnaro)
13:10NP1812-SAMURAI43Shell evolution at Z=14 around 22Si, mirror of the doubly magic 22OA. Corsi
CEA Saclay
13:30NP1812-SAMURAI44Cluster structure study on ground and excited states by means of HI-α invariant mass spectroscopyH. Otsu
13:50NP1812-SAMURAI45Search for preformed alpha in proton-rich Po isotopesJ. Tanaka
TU Darmstadt
14:10Coffee Break (20 min.)
14:30NP1812-SAMURAI33R2Study on the cluster structure in light nuclei by using (p,pα) reaction on carbon isotopes 12,14,16,18,20CZ. Yang
RCNP, Osaka Univ.
14:50NP1812-SAMURAI46Study of density dependence of the symmetry energy with the measurements of charged pion ratio in heavy RI collisions (III)T. Isobe
15:10NP1812-SAMURAI47Multi-neutron 4n and 6n states in extremely neutron-rich nuclei beyond the neutron drip lineT. Nakamura
Tokyo Tech.
15:30NP1812-SAMURAI48Large-acceptance missing mass setup, CATANA PLUS and STRASSE, at SAMURAIT. Nakamura
Tokyo Tech.
15:50Coffee Break (20 min.)
16:10Closed Session (3)
December 1 (Sat.) RIBF Building, Conference Hall (2F)
9:30NP1812-LINAC32Precision mass measurement of Tz ≤ 0 isotopes of As to Mo for revealing the rp-processS. Kimura
9:50NP1812-LINAC34Identification of the heavy residue(s) in the two body reaction 48Ca(270 MeV)+238U →α+282Ds at zero degree close to the kinematic limitC. Borcea
IFIN-HH Bucharest
10:10NP1812-AVF5526Si+α scattering and direct measurements of the astrophysical 26Si(α,p)29P reactionK. Chae
Sungkyunkwan Univ.
10:30NP1812-AVF56Reaction mechanisms of the proton-halo 8B+120Sn system at energies around the Coulomb barrierL. Yang
10:50Coffee Break (20 min.)
11:10NP1812-AVF57Alpha clustering near the proton drip line: the case of 14OM. Sferrazza (speaker: T. Kawabata)
Univ. Bruxelles (Osaka Univ.)
11:30NP1812-AVF49R1Measurement of the 13N(d,n)14O Reaction at CRIB Facility in Inverse Kinematics for the S-Factor Calculation of the Astrophysical 13N(p,γ)14O Reaction S. Artemov (speaker: H. Yamaguchi)
11:50NP1812-AVF58Proposal for a cold Francium source facility for fundamental physicsY. Sakemi
12:10Business Lunch (50 min.)
13:00Closed Session (4)
15:00Coffee Break (20 min.)
15:20Closed Session (5)
18:00Closeout Remarks


Call for Proposals

1. Call for Proposals (PDF)

Issuance of the Call for Proposal: July 30, 2018
Deadline of proposal submission: October 9, 2018


2. Cover sheet (MS-Word, PDF)


3. Technical Information

- Primary-beam list
- LISE++ input file for BigRIPS and secondary-beam cross sections




NP-PAC members

Name Institute
Angela Bracco(Chair) INFN
Dieter Ackermann GANIL
Andrei Andreyev University of York
Ikuko Hamamoto Lund University
Robert V. F. Janssens University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Augusto O. Macchiavelli Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
David J. Morrissey Michigan State University
Tomofumi Nagae Kyoto University
Hitoshi Nakada Chiba University
Alexandre Obertelli Technische Universität Darmstadt
Kazuyuki Ogata RCNP, Osaka University
Thomas Rauscher University of Basel
Kimiko Sekiguchi Tohoku University
Haik Simon GSI
Piet Van Duppen K. U. Leuven
Yuhu Zhang Institute of Modern Physics, CAS



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