Following is an incomplete list of Master and PhD theses obtained with DALI2.

Phd theses


Taras Lokotko Shape Co-Existence of Neutron-Rich 69,71,73Co Nuclei University of Hong Kong

Ryo Taniuchi In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy of 78Ni The University of Tokyo


Marc Lettmann Spectroscopy of neutron-rich germanium and krypton isotopes - A quest of triaxiality TU Darmstadt

Cesar Yesid Lizarazo Sabogal γ-ray spectroscopy of 92,94Se isomeric decay TU Darmstadt

Ian Murray Mapping the Big Island of Deformation around N=20 and 28 Universite Paris-Saclay

Sidong Chen Study on collectivity evolution in neutron-rich Se isotopes Peking University

Victor Vaquero Soto In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy of nuclei near doubly-magic 132Sn Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Nancy Paul First Spectroscopy of 110Zr with MINOS Universite Paris-Saclay

Joachim Tscheuschner Isoscalar Dipole Excitation in Tin Isotopes TU Darmstadt


Louis Olivier Nuclear structure in the vicinity of 78Ni: In-beam γ-ray spectroscopy of 79Cu through proton knockout Universite Paris-Saclay

Yoshiaki Shiga Investigating Nuclear Structure in the Vicinity of 78Ni via the In-Beam Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Method Rikkyo University

Tugba Arici Investigation of the collective behaviour of nuclei around mass 70 towards the proton drip-line Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen


Martha Liliana Cortes Sua Inelastic scattering of Ni and Zn isotopes off a proton target TU Darmstadt

Callum Macintyre Shand Shell Evolution Beyond N = 50 and Z = 28: Spectroscopy of 81,82,83,84Zn University of Surrey


Clementine Santamaria Quest for new nuclear magic numbers with MINOS Universite Paris-Sud



Masafumi Matsushita Shape Evolution in Neutron-Rich Si Isotopes Towards the Neutron Magic Number N=28 Rikkyo University


Shumpei Noji A new spectroscopic tool by the radioactive-isotope-beam induced exothermic charge-exchange reaction University of Tokyo

Yoshiko Sasamoto Study of the isovector non-spin-flip monopole resonance via the super-allowed Fermi type charge exchange (10C,10Bγ) reaction University of Tokyo

He Wang Structure of neutron-rich Pd isotopes in the vicinity of doubly magic nucleus 132Sn Peking University