General schedule in the last half of FY2012

No experiments using DALI2 are planned in the last half of FY2012.

General schedule in the first half of FY2012

Several experiments using DALI2 are scheduled in the first half of FY2012 by using 18O, 48Ca, 124Xe, and 70Zn primary beams.

Machine time schedule related to DALI2

Apr. 1 - Apr. 15

  • NP1012-SHARAQ06-01 by S.Shimoura (CRYPTA is also used.)

May. 5 - May. 22

  • NP1106-SAMURAI03-01 by T.Nakamura
  • NP1106-SAMURAI04-01 by N.A.Orr
  • NP1106-SAMURAI02-01 by Y.Kondo

Jun. 25 - Jul. 2

  • NP1106-RIBF74-01 by A.Obertelli
  • NP0811-RIBF70R1-01 by P.Doornenbal

Jul. 10 - Jul. 13

  • NP1106-RIBF73-01 by D.Steppenbeck