SEASTAR Steering Board

The SEASTAR Steering Board (SB) is organized to deal with issues related to the SEASTAR collaboration. The SB is composed of members of the collaboration elected by the collaboration and the two spokespersons. The first SB is composed of 6 elected members. The SB is chaired by the two spokespersons. Chief scientists connected to SEASTAR are ex officio members of the SB.

Spokesperson DOORNENBAL, Pieter RNC, RIKEN
Spokesperson OBERTELLI, Alexandre CEA, Saclay
Elected member AOI, Nori RCNP, Osaka University
Elected member CORSI, Anna Maria CEA, Saclay
Elected member LEE, Jenny Hong Kong Univ.
Elected member MOTOBAYASHI, Tohru RNC, RIKEN
Elected member NIIKURA, Megumi University of Tokyo
Elected member NISHIMURA, Shunji RNC, RIKEN
Ex-officio SAKURAI, Hiroyoshi RNC, RIKEN
Ex-officio UESAKA, Tomohiro RNC, RIKEN