In-beam γ-ray spectroscopy coupled with various types of direct reactions has been a major tool for structure studies of unstable nuclei. Its importance is even rising along with the initiation of the new generation RI beam facility, RIBF. Experiments using DALI2 (RNC/RIKKYO) and GRAPE (CNS) have become diverse and accordingly, more sophisticated setups consisting of a variety of detectors and auxiliary devices are being proposed. A lot of researchers from various institutes in many countries with different backgrounds will be involved in the experiments.

Under such circumstances, the SUNFLOWER collaboration shall work as a platform of researchers who are interested in experimental studies in this field at the RIBF. The major functions of SUNFLOWER are listed below.

  1. The collaboration offers a forum of discussion and information exchanges.
    Proposals may be amended after consulting with the SUNFLOWER members in advance of the PAC meeting.
  2. Arranges the tasks and resources necessary to accomplish experiments.
    The spokes persons of proposed experiments may ask members of SUNFLOWER to collaborate.
  3. Provides technical information and consults regarding the utilization of non-standard detectors.
  4. Coordinates research programs and equipment use.
    Arranges experimental campaigns. Mediates between conflicting experiments when similar subjects are proposed.
  5. Discusses the strategy of detector developments.

In view of limited facility support, technical work participation necessary to conduct experiments is highly encouraged.