Facilities at the Nishina Center


A linear accelerator that was the key to the discovery of nihonium
Image of RILAC

RIKEN Heavy Ion LINAC (RILAC) is used as the starting point for producing the heavy ion beam used in many experiments. The heavy ions are linearly accelerated using a high-frequency electric field.

In July 2004, Dr. Morita and colleagues were the first to discover the new 113th element using this accelerator.

The specifications of the RILAC

Injection system 1
Type Cockroft-Walton High Voltage Generator
Max. Voltage 500 kV
Ion Souce ECR (Electron Cyclotron Resonance)
Injection system 2
Type RFQ
Linier accelerate system
Type Variable Frequency Wideroe (6 tanks)
Frequency Range 17-45 MHz
Frequenct Tuning Shorting plate and trimmers
Total Accel. Voltage 16 MV
Charge/Mass Ration >= 1/28
Total length 40 m