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Facilities at the RIBF

RIKEN Ring Cyclotron (RRC)


Image of RRC

The RIKEN Ring Cyclotron (RRC) was installed in the first stage of the RIBF as a ring cyclotron. It is the oldest ring cyclotron at the RIBF and began operating in 1986.
Since 1986 RIBF researchers have conducted cutting edge research on the application of the high-intensity RI beam produced by the RRC and the Radioactive Isotope Beam Separator (RIPS) that is placed in the downstream of the RRC.

Image of RIPS
The Radioactive Isotope Beam Separator (RIPS)

However, due to the limitation in the acceleration energy at the RRC, only light elements with a mass number of 60 or less could be utilized. This limitation has been overcome by sequentially accelerating heavy ion beam using a series of downstream accelerators (including the SRC, the IRC, and the fRC) just like multistage rockets, allowing us to study almost all types of nuclides.



Specification of the RRC

Frequency 20〜45 MHz
Beam injection/extraction radii Injection 89 cm
Beam injection/extraction radii Extraction 356 cm
Diameter 12.6 m
Weight 2,300 tons