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RIPS is an in-flight type radioactive isotope (RI) separator to produce RI beams using the fragmentation of the heavy ion beams such as 18O(100AMeV), 22Ne(100AMeV), 40Ar(95 or 63AMeV), 48Ca(63AMeV), 70Zn(63AMeV), or 86Kr(63AMeV) provided by the RIKEN Ring Cyclotron.

RIPS is an achromatic spectrometer consisting of two separation sections, which enables us to separate RI beams based on the Bρ-energy loss method. Projectile-fragments produced by the collision of a heavy ion beam and a production target are first analyzed by their magnetic rigidity Bρ, which is used to select the fragment of interest according to the A/Z ratio at the first dispersive focus (F1). A wedge-shaped energy degrader is placed at F1 to induce dispersion due to energy loss. Because the energy losses of different isotopes are different, isotopes of interest can be further separated from the nuclei with the same A/Z ratio by the second section. The produced RI beams are transported to be focused on the third focus, where a secondary target or a stopper is placed for radioactive-beam experiments.

A beam swinger is placed upstream of the production target, which enables us to produce spin-polalized RI beams.

The RF-deflector located upstream of F2 is used to further puriy the RI beams. This is indispensable especially for the production of proton rich beams, which often suffer from large amount of contaminant of isobars.

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Yuichi Ichikawa
Hideki Ueno


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