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RIBF Independent User Program

On April 2010, RIKEN Nishina Center (RNC) started a new user registration program called “RIBF Independent User” for RIBF users outside RIKEN.

Under the conventional program, users outside RIKEN were required to obtain a position in RIKEN, such as Visiting Scientist, to conduct their experiments at the RIBF facility. Since researchers outside RIKEN are accepted as Visiting Scientists, all intellectual properties of research results will belong to RIKEN when they are engaged in a research using RIBF. On the contrary, under the new program, the primary affiliation of RIBF Independent Users will remain with their home institution without belonging to RIKEN. The intellectual property of their research will, therefore, be their own. There are, however, restrictions for RIBF Independent Users on the use of some of the other facilities in RIKEN since they are not affiliated with RIKEN. If such inconvenience is not acceptable for you, the conventional Visiting Scientist program is still available. Both the programs have advantages and disadvantages. Please select one of the programs at your discretion when registering as a user.

All paper works required for RIBF Independent Users, including user registration procedures, will be supported by RIBF Users Office. Please note that a research laboratory or team will be the liaison for the Visiting Scientist program, not RIBF Users' Office. In addition, please note that users cannot be registered for both programs for the same purpose such as “beam time using the RIBF facility”.


Registration Requirement

To be an RIBF Independent User, one of the following three criteria must be satisfied.
Please note that you must be a registered radiation worker at your home institution before you become the RIBF Independent User.

  1. The researcher must be conducting research at the RIBF that has been approved by the Program Advisory Committee (PAC).
  2. The researcher must be conducting collaborative research at the RIBF with one of the Partner Institutions, namely with CNS, KEK, under the terms of a collaborative research agreement between the Partner Institution and RIKEN.→FAQ.6
  3. The researcher must be conducting developmental research based on proposals approved by the RNC Director.


Services provided to RIBF Independent Users

The following services will be provided to facilitate the use of the RIBF by RIBF Independent Users:

  1. Entry Permit (RIBF User Card).
    A photograph of the researcher, name of his/her home institution will be shown on the IC-embedded card.

  2. Registration as a Radiation Worker at the RIKEN Wako Institute.
    RIBF Independent User will be registered as a radiation worker at the RIKEN Wako Institute under the condition that he/she is a registered worker in radiation-controlled areas at his/her home institution.  Please contact RIBF Users Office if the researcher does not meet this requirement.

  3. Access to campus cafeterias and libraries, and to the services of the health clinic in an emergency.

  4. Access to the campus wireless network as a guest user.

  5. Room reservation at RIKEN on-campus accommodations.


Travel Subsidy or Local Expenses

There is no travel subsidy or local expenses paid to RIBF Independent Users by RIKEN. The RIBF Independent Users conduct researches at RIBF for their own benefit, with their own expense.


Major Differences between Visiting Scientist / Trainee and RIBF Independent Users

Please see the following table for major differences between Visiting Scientist / Trainee and RIBF Independent Users.

RIBF Independent User
Visiting Scientist / Trainee
Properties of experimental results belong to University / Company RIKEN
Travel / Local expenses Copayment
(exceptions → FAQ.2)
At the discretion of the Laboratory Head
LAN Wireless LAN
guest connection only
(unable to access online journals registered with RIKEN)

Wired/Wireless LAN connections to the RIKEN inside network
(possible to access online journals registered with RIKEN)

RIKEN Library / Clinic Library / Clinic available
(in emergencies only)
Library/Clinic available



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