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User Registration to use the RIBF facility

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All users outside RIKEN must be registered prior to starting any research/work at RIBF either as

  • “RIBF Independent User” or
  • “Visiting Scientist / Student Trainee”

The latter is RIKEN's conventional user-registration programs while the former is a new program launched in April, 2010, designed for RIBF users by RIKEN Nishina Center. Major differences between both programs are as follows:

・“RIBF Independent User” program
The primary affiliation will remain with their home institution without to belonging to RIKEN. The intellectual property of their research results will, therefore, be their own. There are, however, restrictions in the use of facilities in RIKEN.

・“Visiting Scientist / Student Trainee” programs
Since RIBF researches are conducted by obtaining positions in RIKEN, all intellectual properties of research results will belong to RIKEN. Many facilities in RIKEN will be available.

In this web site, details of the former program are given. On your user registration, please select one of the programs at your discretion after reading them carefully.

Click here for the “RIBF Independent User” program
Click here for the “Visiting Scientist / Student Trainee” programs



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