User Guide : Conventional appointment programs of RIKEN

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Visiting Scientist / Student Trainee programs

Visiting Scientist is a program to effectively promote research and other related work at RIKEN by employing scientists and technicians who have high research abilities and have produced impressive results for fixed terms. Also, students who are working on their graduation theses or master's or doctoral courses will be registered under the Student Trainee program. In both cases, outside researchers/students belong to RIKEN, since they are accepted for Visiting Scientists when they are engaged in RIKEN’s research subjects. For details of such conventional programs, please visit here.

Contact / Inquiries
Visitors can be registered as Visiting Scientists under the approval of the Head of the Laboratory/Team in RNC to which you want to belong. RIBF Users' Office does not accept Visiting Scientists for experiments at RIBF, since it does not carry its own researches. After the approval, all required documents should be submitted through the Laboratory/Team. Please note that a research laboratory or team will be the liaison for the Visiting Scientist program, not RIBF Users Office. The registration procedure takes 1 month (or 1.5 months if you need a letter of appointment). Please submit those documents well in advance.



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