User Guide : RIBF Independent User Program

RIBF Users Office is to be closed on April 27 – May 6, 2019.
'Training and Guidance as RIBF Independent User' will NOT be provided on weekends and on these holidays.

Please take this circumstances into consideration when making your travel plan.


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On-Campus Accommodations

Please contact RIBF Users Office for room reservation by e-mail.
We will arrange the short-term accommodation(Nishina Lodge or Sakura House).

After completing reservation, you will receive the e-mail titled "Reservation: Reserved".
Depending on availability, we can not arrange it. We appreciate your understanding.

Please see the following URL for the detailed information of short-term accommodation.



Nishina Lodge Campus Map E12

Sakura House (I-house, H-building) Campus Map E91


Hotel nearby Wako-shi

Please make a reservation by yourself.

Hotel Toyoko Inn Wako-shi Ekimae

Super Hotel Saitama, in front of Wako Station



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