User Guide : RIBF Independent User Program

RIBF Users Office is to be closed on August 6 - 8.
'Training and Guidance as RIBF Independent User' will NOT be provided on weekends and on these holidays.

Please take this circumstances into consideration when making your travel plan.


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  1. How can I make a room reservation at on-campus accommodations?
    A. RIBF Independent Users need to contact RIBF Uses' Office for a room reservation at on-campus accommodations.

  2. Is there any travel subsidy or other expenses by RIKEN?
    A. There is no travel subsidy or other expenses paid to RIBF Independent Users by RIKEN, since they conduct researches at RIBF for their own benefit.
    However, this does not apply for cases such as
    a) if the RIBF Independent User is invited by RIKEN to works for RIKEN’s own benefit or
    b) if his/her home institution has a collaborative research agreement with RNC in which specific provisions regarding expenses and the like are written.
  3. I am not a registered radiation worker at my home institution. Am I eligible to be an RIBF Independent User?
    A. You must be a registered worker in radiation-controlled areas at your home institution before you become RIBF Independent User.
  4. How long is the registration as an RIBF Independent User valid for?
    A. It is valid for two fiscal years, Apr. 1 - Mar. 31.  Registration is renewable.
  5. What are the advantages of RIBF Independent User Program?
    A. Under the RIBF Independent User Program, the primary affiliation will remain with researchers’ home institution without having to belong to RIKEN. The intellectual property of their research results will, therefore, belong to them. This is in contrast with the conventional program such as Visiting Scientist, in which all intellectual properties of research results will belong to RIKEN for any RIKEN research. This is the most important advantage for researchers outside RIKEN. There are, however, restrictions for RIBF Independent Users on the use of some of the other facilities in RIKEN, since they do not belong to RIKEN. Major differences of the both programs are listed here.
  6. What does it specifically mean by “The researcher who is conducting collaborative research at the RIBF with one of the Partner Institutions under the terms of a collaborative research agreement between the Partner Institution and RIKEN”?
    A. As of April 2011, RNC has concluded a collaborative research agreement with three institutions as Partner Institutions, i) Center for Nuclear Study (CNS), the University of Tokyo, ii) Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK. Under this agreement, the primary affiliation of the registered members of the Partner Institution will remain with their home institutions. Those who conduct their researches at RIBF in collaboration with these Partner Institutions meet the registration requirement No. 2. Please note that the registration requirement No. 2 does not apply to the registered members of the Partner Institutions themselves. They do not need to be registered as RIBF Independent Users.
  7. How many days are required for the registration as RIBF Independent Users?
    A. You are encouraged to submit necessary documents to RIBF Users Office at least 30 days prior to your arrival RIKEN.
  8. Where to pick up / return the dosimeter (QuIxel Badge).
    A. QuIxel Badge will be issued at RIBF Users Office after the training and guidance as an RIBF Independent User.  Please return your QuIxel Badge to a security box in front of the RIBF Users Office when you leave RIBF.  The security box is accessible for 24 hours a day.  QuIxel Badge will be issued every month.  Please change it to new one at the end of each month.
  9. Is it mandatory to be an RIBF Independent User to conduct experiments at RIBF?
    A. You will be able to choose whether you want to use the RIBF facility as an RIBF Independent User or as a RIKEN Visiting Scientist / Trainee.  Major differences between Visiting Scientist / Trainee and RIBF Independent Users are shown here.


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