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Accelerator R&D Team

Photo of Hiroki Okuno
Laboratory Head
Hiroki OKUNOD.Sci.
  • 1989年東京大学理学部物理学科卒業
  • 1994年東京大学大学院理学系研究科物理学専攻(博士課程) 修了
  • 1994年理化学研究所 基礎科学特別研究員
  • 1995年理化学研究所 研究員
  • 2002年理化学研究所 先任研究員
  • 2008年理化学研究所 加速器高度化チーム チームリーダー(現職)
  • 2008年理化学研究所 低温技術チーム チームリーダー(兼務、現職)
  • 2008年理化学研究所 加速器基盤研究部 副部長(兼務、現職)

Research Areas

We are developing the key hardware in upgrading the RIBF accelerator complex. Our primary focus and research is charge stripper which plays an essential role in the RIBF accelerator complex. Charge strippers remove many electrons in ions and realize efficient acceleration of heavy ions by greatly enhancing charge state. The intensity of uranium beams is limited by the lifetime of the carbon foil stripper conventionally installed in the acceleration chain. The improvement of stripper lifetimes is essential to increase beam power towards the final goal of RIBF in the future. We are developing the low-Z gas stripper. In general gas stripper is free from the lifetime related problems but gives low equilibrium charge state because of the lack of density effect. Low-Z gas stripper, however, can give as high equilibrium charge state as that in carbon foil because of the suppression of the electron capture process. Another our focus is the upgrade of the world's first superconducting ring cyclotron.

Research Subject

  1. Development of charge strippers for high power beams (foil, low-Z gas)
  2. Upgrade of the superconducting ring cyclotron
  3. Maintenance and R&D of the electrostatic deflection/inflection channels for the beam extraction/injection

List of Selected Publications

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