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User Liaison Group

Picture of the Director
Division Director
Hideki UENOD.Sci.
  • 1978年理学博士(大阪大学)
  • 1982年大阪大学核物理研究センター 助手
  • 1986年大阪大学核物理研究センター 助教授
  • 1989年東京大学理学部 助教授
  • 1994年東京大学大学院理学系研究科 教授
  • 2010年理化学研究所 仁科加速器センター 共用促進・産業連携部 部長(現在に至る)

Research Areas

The essential mission of the User Liaison Group is to maximize the research activities of RIBF by attracting users in various fields with a wide scope. The Group consists of two teams. The RIBF User Liaison Team provides various supports to visiting RIBF users through the RIBF Users Office. Managing RIBF beam time and organizing the Program Advisory Committee Meetings to review RIBF experimental proposals are also important mission of the Team in order to enhance common use of the RIBF. The Outreach Team has created various information materials, such as pamphlets, posters, and homepages, to introduce the research activities in the RNC. On the homepage, we provide information on usage of the RIBF facility. The team also participate in science introduction events hosted by public institutions. In addition, the Group also takes care of laboratory tours for RIBF visitors from public. The numbers of visitors amounts to 2,300 per year.

Research Subject

  1. Facilitation of the use of the RI Beam Factory
  2. Support of experiments in the RI Beam Factory
  3. Promotion of the RI Beam Factory to interested researchers
  4. Distribution of radioisotopes Zn-65, Cd-109 and Y-88 produced at RIKEN AVF Cyclotron
  5. Investigation of novel industrial applications of the accelerator beam and its related technologies.

List of Selected Publications

Research team

Laboratory Position Representative
User Liaison Group Group Director Hideki UENO
RIBF User Liaison Team Team Leader Ken-ichiro YONEDA