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Laboratory Head
Hideaki OTSUD.Sci.
  • 1972年東京大学理学部卒業
  • 1977年東京大学大学院理学系研究科修了、理学博士
  • 1977年日本学術振興会奨励研究員(理化学研究所)
  • 1978年大阪大学理学部助手
  • 1984年立教大学理学部講師、86年 助教授、94年 教授
  • 2002年理化学研究所主任研究員
  • 2010年現職(RIBF 施設共用コーディネーター兼務)


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Research Areas

In collaboration with research groups in and outside RIKEN, this team designs, develops and constructs the SAMURAI spectrometer and relevant equipment that are and will be used for reaction experiments using RI beams at RI Beam Factory. SAMURAI consists of a large superconducting dipole magnet and a variety of detectors to detect charged particles and neutrons. Based on the outcome from the commissioning experiment in March 2012, the team prepares for first experiments with SAMURAI planned in the year 2012. The team also provides basis for research activities by, for example, organizing workshops and forming a "collaboration" scheme among researchers interested in research with SAMURAI.

Photo of SAMURAI

Research Subject

  1. Design, development and construction of a large superconducting dipole magnet that will be the main component of the SAMURAI spectrometer
  2. Design, development and construction of various detectors that are used for nuclear reaction experiments using the SAMURAI spectrometer
  3. Preparation for starting experiments using SAMURAI planned in 2012.


List of Selected Publications

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