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Cosmic Radiation Laboratory

Chief Scientist
  • 1993年東北大学工学部応用物理学科卒業
  • 2000年東京大学理学系研究科物理学専攻修了
  • 2000年理化学研究所 協力研究員
  • 2001年理化学研究所 研究員
  • 2007年理化学研究所 専任研究員
  • 2010年理化学研究所 准主任研究員


Staff Photo

Research Areas

In the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang, the beginning of the universe, only hydrogen and helium existed. However, nuclear fusion in the interior of stars and the explosion of supernovae in the universe over the course of 13.7 billion years led to the evolution of a world brimming with the many different elements we have today. By using man-made satellites to observe X-rays and gamma rays emitted from celestial bodies, we are observing the creation of the elements at their actual source. Our goal is to comprehensively elucidate the scenarios for the formation of the elements in the universe, together with our research on atomic nuclei through the use of an accelerator.

Research Subject

  1. Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae
  2. Particle Acceleration Mechanism in Astronomical Objects
  3. Physics in Extremely Strong Magnetism and Gravity
  4. Research and Development of Innovative X-ray and Gamma-ray detectors


List of Selected Publications

  1. The Hitomi collaboration:
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