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Industrial Application Research Team

Leader's Picture
Laboratory Head
Atsushi YOSHIDAD.Sci.
  • 1988年東京工業大学理学部応用物理学科卒業
  • 1991年東京工業大学大学院理工学研究科応用物理学専攻博士退(1999年 東京工業大学博士(理学))
  • 1991年理化学研究所 放射線研究室研究員補
  • 2002年同 RIビーム科学研究室研究員
  • 2007年同 仁科加速器センター 実験装置運転・維持管理室専任研究員
  • 2007年同 産業連携チームリーダー(現在に至る)


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Research Areas

The industrial cooperation team manages industrial applications of the accelerator facility and its related technologies. Until 2010, three private companies used the heavy-ion and RI beams. A development of a wear analysis technique using RI-beam, a heavy-ion irradiation test for semi-conductors of space use was carried out. The team also handles fee-based distribution of radioisotopes of Zn-65, Y-88 and Cd-109 produced at the AVF cyclotron by RI application team under a contract between Japan Radioisotope Association and RIKEN. Total amount of 62MBq of Zn-65 and 41MBq of Cd-109 were shipped in 2011.

Research Subject

  1. Distribution of radioisotopes Zn-65, Cd-109 and Y-88 produced at RIKEN AVF Cyclotron
  2. Support of industrial applications of heavy-ion and RI beams and related technologies.

List of Selected Publications

  1. T Kambara, A Yoshida, Y Yanagisawa, D Kameda, N Fukuda, T Ohnishi, T Kubo, R Uemoto, A Nagano, H Uno:
    "Industrial Application of Radioactive Ion Beams at the RIKEN RI Beam Factory"
    Journal AIP Conference Proceedings 1412, pp423-429 (2011)
  2. A Yoshida, T.Kambara, A.Nakao, R Uemoto, H.Uno, A Nagano, H.Yamaguchi, T.Nakao, D.Kahl, Y Yanagisawa, D Kameda, T.Ohnishi, N Fukuda, T Kubo:
    "Wear diagnostics of industrial material using RI beams of 7Be and 22Na"
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B317, 785-788 (2013)
  3. T. Kambara, A. Yoshida, H. Takeichi,:
    "Gamma-ray inspection of rotating object"
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 797, 1-7 (2015)
  4. T. Kambara:
    "Gamma-Ray Inspection of Rotating Object (GIRO)"
    Nuclear Physics News Vol. 26, No.4, 26-29 (2016)