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Research Instruments Group

Hideki UENO
Group Director
Nobuhisa FUKUNISHID.Sci.
  • 1978年東京大学理学部 物理学科卒業
  • 1985年東京工業大学博士号
  • 1980年理化学研究所 研究員補
  • 1985年理学博士(東京工業大学)
  • 1992年理化学研究所 先任研究員
  • 1992年ミシガン州立大学国立超伝導サイクロトロン研究所 客員研究員
  • 2001年理化学研究所仁科加速器研究センター BigRIPS技術開発チーム チームリーダー
  • 2007年同 実験装置運転・維持管理室長

Research Areas

The research instruments group is the driving force at RI Beam Factory (RIBF) for continuous enhancement of activities and competitiveness of experimental research. Consisting of five teams, we are in charge of the construction, operation and improvement of the core research instruments at RIBF, such as BigRIPS separator, ZeroDegree spectrometer, GARIS spectrometer and SAMURAI spectrometer, and the related infrastructure and equipments. The group also conducts related experimental research as well as R&D studies on the research instruments.

Research Subject

  1. Production and delivery of RI beams and related research
  2. Construction, operation and improvement of the core research instruments at RIBF and their related infrastructure and equipments
  3. R&D studies on the core research instruments and their related equipment at RIBF
  4. Experimental research on exotic nuclei using the core research instruments at RIBF

Press release


List of Selected Publications

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  3. T. Ohnishi, T. Kubo et al.
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Laboratory Team

Laboratory Position Representative
Research Instruments Group Group Director Nobuhisa FUKUNISHI
Automated Operation Technology Team Team Leader Nobuhisa FUKUNISHI
BigRIPS Team Team Leader Koichi YOSHIDA
SAMURAI Team Team Leader Hideaki OTSU
Data System Team Team Leader Hidetada BABA
Detector Team Team Leader Hiromi SATO