Slow RI Data Team

Team Leader
Toshiyuki SUMIKAMAPh.D.
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Research Areas

This team is in charge of the development of low-energy RI beams of Long-Lived Fission Products (LLFP) by means of degrading the energy of RI beams produced by the BigRIPS fragment separator. We will develop the method of the high purification of RI beams and of slowed-down beams with a narrow spread in the energy and size.
The reaction cross section measurement of the LLFP and the deuteron or proton will be extended to a lower-energy region by collaborating with the Fast RI Data Team of the Nuclear Transmutation Data Research Group and other institutes such as the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Kyushu University.

Research Subject

  1. Development of slowed-down RI beam production
  2. Measurement of the nuclear reaction cross section of long-lived fission products

List of Selected Publications

  1. T.Sumikama, D.S. Ahn, N. Fukuda, N. Inabe, T. Kubo, Y. Shimizu, H. Suzuki, H. Takeda, N. Aoi, D. Beaumel, K. Hasegawa, E. Ideguchi, N. Imai, T. Kobayashi, M. Matsushita, S. Michimasa, H. Otsu, S. Shimoura, T. Teranishi
    “First test experiment to produce the slowed-down RI beam with the momentum-compression mode at RIBF”
    Nuclear Instruments & Methods B 376, 180 (2016).